Faculty Highlight on Nancy Della

Ein Buch über Schwarze Kinder in Deutschland, darauf haben wir schon viel zu lange gewartet



SPACE is proud to highlight music faculty member Nancy J. Della for her newly published children’s book. The book is a German children’s book titled “Das Wort das Bauchschmerzen macht” or best translated as “The Word That Makes the Tummy Hurt.” In the story Luke settles down for his favorite activity, story time. As his teacher reads aloud she says a word that causes him discomfort. “It is a book in close connection with a political debate in Germany concerning the use of discriminating language in youth literature and its psychological affect. The book is meant to be an intervention for teachers and parents, as well as giving suggestions on how to support children who face discrimination,” said Della.

“The Word That Makes the Tummy Hurt” is the first of a series to be written by Nancy with the second addition to the series is anticipated to be released in October 2014…

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